Sherman Galleries

Horizon presents a structural tumour within the gallery, it is more malignant than benign and like many cancers its true volume is unknown. Speculating on what the transition might contain leads to questions of functionality, which it threatens to have. Aluminium door profiles placed horizontally along the protrusion tease us with offering a look through at what could potentially be some form of window, or even a docking system. The material form of Horizon does not give too much away as to its role within the space. Rather, it acts as a landscape of architectural materials that have polysemous potential, as sci-fi film sets or the latest air conditioning unit. In this work by Fox, the aesthetic concerns governing the work are moving closer to their environment.

The work as a new and camouflaged landscape connects the idea of a seamlessness with materials and form to the endlessness of meaning. Of directly plugging the status and value and ultimately the power of Horizon straight back into the aesthetics of the institution. There is something startling and beautiful about this new landscape. The open and sparse plains, a striking contrast across the horizontal divide, a feeling as though we are stepping into this world, or even about to be teleported into it. There is also the mystery of potentially being observed, if not by the artwork, then at least by the institution it effortlessly flows from and then back into again.