2015 + 1998

Cosmic Love Wonder Lust: The Imperial Slacks Project, SCA Galleries

Indahaus, Herringbone Gallery/ Imperial Slacks

The notion of extension and continuation from one world or form to another is displayed in works such as Contact. Cables pour from the wooden ceiling. This network of tangled cabling is back dropped with the industrial atmosphere of the Gallery space, which is situated within a semi-dilapidated inner city warehouse. The warehouse roof is one of rhizomatic wiring and piping, therefore, the added cabling that constitutes the artwork is both camouflaged and, magically implicates all existing ceiling details (as well as a nearby wall power box) into the realm of the artwork. As the choice of cablings is standard and believable, it is fair to state Contact is a work that almost seamlessly leads the eye from manipulated material into the surrounding architectural features as ready-made artwork. It is this transition between work and environment that is pivotal. The use of transitions as a concept and visual device is key to these installations of Fox. The work is placed and the place becomes work.