2015 + 2000

Cosmic Love Wonder Lust: The Imperial Slacks Project, SCA Galleries
Curated by Nicholas Tsoutas and Michael Dagostino (2015)

Eighteen is Enough, Imperial Slacks (2000)

Alimak was initially exhibited in the year 2000 displaying time-lapse super-8 footage that Fox had captured from construction lifts (known as Alimaks) at two sites in Sydney during that year. The form of the work was composed of a suspended metal platform with brick guard handrails similar to a  construction lift. The audience could step onto the raised area and view the monitor embedded in the floor of the platform.

The exhibition Eighteen is Enough (2000) was at Imperial Slacks, a warehouse in Surry Hills where Chris Fox and 15 other young artists lived and worked together (1998 - 2002). Following this exhibition, Alimak was transformed into a DJ platform for a large warehouse party called Death by Stereo.

In 2015 Fox reconfigured the project for the Imperial Slacks exhibition Cosmic Love Wonder Lust: The Imperial Slacks Project (2015). Exploring the transformation from artwork to DJ platform, Fox adapted the alimak truss frame and constructed a hybrid object which held multiple layers of history and use. The work conflated the original time-lapse footage from the year 2000 with the adapted alimak truss frame while providing the function of a DJ platform for the opening night.